Beginner's Guide To Meditation
Make time for me-time. If you're looking for a moment of zen in your hectic schedule it might be time to turn to meditation.
Six YouTube Yogis You Need To Know
Ready to step up your at-home yoga practice, or find a moment of zen in your hectic schedule? These YouTube yogis can help.
Take Your Practice Outside
When was the last time you took your practice outside of the studio? Ditch the four walls and direct your Namaste to nature.
A Yoga Teacher at Your Finger Tips
Who wouldn't like an app that makes your life—and making time for your yoga practice—just a little bit easier?
The Many Lessons of a Home Yoga Practice
A self-made, 30-day yoga challenge helped me recognize the changes I needed to make in my life.
This Yoga App Wants to Be Your New Alarm Clock
Mornings can be rough, but this new app might be just the thing to turn those AM blues around.
Should You Follow This Yoga Diet?
Food is everything.
10 Ways Yoga Makes You Glow
You have it. Your favorite teacher has it. And it's not something that can be bottled up and sold: It's that unmistakable yoga glow.
We Are All Ohm K
Wearing new clothes for the first time has a sort of transformative quality.
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How Nature Awakens a Meditative State

Reap nature’s meditative benefits: Head outdoors for some all-natural, feel-good vibes.

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